By combining Eslem Digital's print quality and Talha Kumas' fabric quality and its long years of experience and knowledge, we are creating a system like no other in Turkey.

Eslem Digital, which was established in 2015, produces sublimation printing, neon sublimation printing and transfer printing, understands and meets the needs and expectations of its customers in the best way without sacrificing quality at every stage of production, always follows the innovations in the sector and meets the needs quickly with its modern technology machines. It is an answering company.
Eslem Digital, which is one of the leading printing facilities in Turkey and produces digital printing on knitted and woven fabrics with its professional staff, can print on all polyester and polyester blended fabrics.
Eslem Digital has the largest machine park in Europe with a printing capacity of 100,000 pieces per day and a production capacity of 50,000 meters per day. Thus, the company, which can easily meet the production demands of many brands in Europe and in our country, also has a very sensitive line in protecting the environment, sustainability and fulfilling social responsibilities, and produces products in line with these conditions, accepting sustainability as a moral responsibility for nature and the future.

All this experience combined with the unique fabrics of Talha Fabric, we offer you the best you are looking for.

We are breaking new ground and have you choose the pattern, size and fabric.



You decide what you want, not us. All we have to do is create an amazing result.

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